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'Ten Thousand Feet'

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Who we are

Ten Thousand Feet UK is a Consultancy led by Rob Tomlinson in collaboration with the Association for Perioperative Practice.  

'Never Events' within the NHS are still on the rise with distraction and a loss of situational awareness still being cited as one of the main causes.  Our aim is to embed new patient safety culture into operating theatre teams nationwide, so at any time, anyone working in the theatre who needs to focus their attention at the task in hand can can use the language tool “Ten Thousand Feet” to improve team efficiency and most importantly patient safety.

Ten Thousand Feet can be used by any member of the operative team. This 'ground-up' philosophy recognises that every team member has an important role & function to fulfil on the patient's journey.

At the end of the workshop theatre staff from Consultants, Nurses, ODPs and untrained colleagues will be educated and empowered to use this concept in a safe and effective manner.

Our consultancy offers workshops within your workplace with a proven track record of success.  Training is delivered by full time Nurse Rob Tomlinson, still working day to day in operating theatres.

The training takes a 'ground up' approach, offering a totally new perspective designed specifically to help improve function, safety and efficiency.

Why 'Ten Thousand Feet'?

​Ten Thousand Feet comes from the airline industry where, during take-off and landing, (before the aircraft passes 10,000 feet on ascent and after it has passed 10,000 feet on the approach) pilots must focus entirely on their “essential operational activities” and “avoid non-essential conversations”.

This strategy can effectively be applied to medical situations by any member of the operational team, where focus on the task at hand is paramount and ambient noise and distractions need to be reduced. 

Our Workshops

Rob Tomlinson is a clinical nurse in the NHS and is leading the way to improving patient safety through clinician-led culture change in the UK. Rob has already delivered workshops on a national scale with success for teams who have embraced the new procedure.  All his successes so far are truly due to his hard work, creative problem solving, dedication, commitment and courage.

Be inspired and share his quest to improve patient safety in your workplace by registering your interest in our Workshop or booking your next Workshop with us.

Ten Thousand Feet UK is working in colla

Ten Thousand Feet in collaboration with AfPP

The Association for Perioperative Practice shines a spotlight on inspirational ideas that make a big difference to staff and patients, helping to raise the profile of Ten Thousand Feet and how it plays an instrumental role in improving patient safety.

Awards & Recognition

Our Patient Safety Awards and achievements through this innovative ground-up, staff-led initiative.

Never Events, Ten Thousand Feet, UK Safety Initiative for Operating Teams

Never Events, The Full Story

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